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Epic 4th July Firework Videos

As America celebrates the 236th anniversary of their independence from us British, we trawl the internet for the biggest and best firework video displays from across the USA.

By far the most anticipated and spectacular has to be the Macy’s NY display.

Watched across the world and viewed by millions, Gary Souza the shows creative director can sit back and think job well done.

Starting at 9.25pm last night over 40,000 shells were launched in the 30 min display, with not one single hitch, and as with all firework display, this was down to preparation and experience, something we know quite a bit about here at Epic HQ.

The declaration of independence thought by millions of Americans to have been signed on the 4th of July as stated on the historic document wasn't actually completed until the 2nd of August 1776.

Macy's who’s flagship store based in herald square NY, has over 800 stores across the USA and has sponsored the show since 1924.
And long may they continue to do so.

All over the USA patriotic red, white and blue fireworks were lit, collectively enough pyro was fired to been seen from the moon.
Relax and enjoy these fantastic sights and sounds.

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