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Edinburgh Festival Firework Show

Edinburgh Festival Firework Show

This year’s Edinburgh festival, as in previous years went out with a bang. The fireworks show was watched by upwards of 250,000 people across the capital.

The World famous Scottish Chamber Orchestra performed live whilst the team of firers from Castle Fireworks choreographed the display, which took four tonnes of explosives and 400,000 fireworks in conjunction with the music. As you might imagine, the display took almost a week to set up and the rewards of their efforts were evident for all to see. The last time there was this much explosive power in one place, it was under the houses of parliament at the hand of Guy Fawkes.

This year the ‘theme’ was a little more taxing to tie down. The works of the Russian composer Musorgsky who created the beautiful orchestral piece ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ used music to depict imagery in all its forms and the huge brass fanfare’s added that bit of class to the fireworks.

This spectacular event has been running for a number of years and long may it continue.

You can see footage of the event in the time-lapse video below:

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