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Easy Firework inspired D.I.Y Diwali Decoration Ideas

Easy Firework inspired D.I.Y Diwali Decoration Ideas

Fireworks traditionally light up the night sky during Diwali celebrations. But there are also lots of creative ways you can include firework magic into your home decorations too, all without the fire hazard!

Here, we'll explore some easy and imaginative DIY ideas that the whole family can enjoy.

Sparkling Wall Art

Cut out different firework shapes from glittery paper or sparkly fabric and arrange them on a canvas or stick them to a big piece of paper.

You can also add LED string lights and set them to a flash mode to mimic the sparkle of fireworks.

Paper Rockets

No firework display is complete without some epic rockets, so why not add some rocket to your diwali decorations too.

These great little paper rockets are lots of fun to make with the little ones and thanks to the sticks they're easy to add all over your home.

Festive Firework Lanterns

Decorate plain paper lanterns with glitter, sequins, and firework-inspired patterns.

When lit, they'll cast patterns around the room that mimic fireworks and bring that joy inside your home.

Glowing Mason Jar Luminaries

Turn simple mason jars into beautiful firework themed luminaries.

Use adhesive glitter or paint to draw firework patterns on the outside of the jars, then place LED tea lights inside to create a warm, flickering glow reminiscent of the Diwali night sky.

DIY Firework Garlands

Cut out firework shapes from colorful paper or use origami techniques to create 3D versions. String them together and then drape around your home.

Rangoli-Inspired Firework Designs

Incorporate firework patterns into your rangoli design. Surround them with traditional rangoli patterns using colored powders, rice, or even flower petals. This fusion of traditional designs and firework patterns will add a unique twist to your floor art.

Firework Table Settings

Set the stage for a memorable Diwali dinner by using firework-patterned placemats, napkins, or even small firework props as elegant table decor such as our Ice Fountains. These amazing little fountains produce a cool flame, last for approximately 60 seconds and are safe for use indoors.

Wishing you a firework-filled and fantastic Diwali celebration!

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