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Earth Shaker, new barrage from Epic Fireworks

We proudly present, the Earth Shaker, 72 shots of loud loud effects, whistles and hummers that will have you shaking on the ground you are standing on.

This is a brand new release for Epics 2010 range and will be a popular one with a great duration (almost 2 minutes) and a finale that will leave you breathless.

Heres the review:

Find something to hold onto and hold on tight, cos this is the Earth Shaker!

Brand new for 2010, this is going to make the very ground tremble.

Earth Shaker by Epic Fireworks delivers high decibel action from start to finish and lasts a whopping 2 minutes! That makes this one of our longest duration barrages. With 72 massive shots delivering very loud bangs, whistles, hummers, huge red peonies, crackling comets, silver strobing stars and a HUGE multi shot finale of a giant cloud of crackling stars. This is going to upset the neighbours, guaranteed.

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