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Ear Muffs For Dogs - Canine Audio Sense

Ear Muffs For Dogs - Canine Audio Sense

Ear muffs for dogs, at last. For too many years we have all been sitting at home with our poochs on fireworks night wishing we could be out with our four-legged friend enjoying the fireworks together. Finally the dream has come true. This ingenious invention from pilot, Michelle Macguire was designed initially to spare her dog the fear that he felt every time they went flying together.

Mrs Macguire, 48, of Wisconsin in the US, said: ‘I did a test flight of 15 minutes and by the time we arrived Cooper had taken them off.

'But when we did the return flight, he kept them on – he must have realised it was a lot worse for him without them.

‘That was seven years ago when he was one. Ever since he’s never taken them off and flying doesn’t bother him at all.’

She said that hundreds of armed forces dogs based in Iraq and Afghanistan are also now using "Mutt Muffs" while on the front line and that they have solved the problem for dog-owners of how to deal with firework night disturbance.

This is an incredible idea, and Mrs Macguire now sells her "Mutt Muffs" on her website, where they are proving popular all over the world. As this adorable photograph shows.

Dogs are, of course, the most popular pet in the world. Now when you travel or work in loud environments it is no longer necessary to leave the dog behind. Also, as we said above, if you are in a military armed force and about to storm an enemy stronghold, but would like to take rover in with you, you can!

Now if you really want to impress I would like to see ear defenders for Gerbils. These desert based rodents also have acute hearing and it would nice to see mini versions of these. The African Elephant, however, will have to wait.

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