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Dussehra, Effigy burning done with style

Dussehra, Effigy burning done with style

Calton Hill in Edinburgh was the venue for a spectacular fireworks display to celebrate one of India's most important festivals, Dussehra.

Three huge effigies were set alight and blazed upon the Edinburgh sky as hundreds of fireworks erupted overhead, much to the enjoyment of the crowd.

The 25-foot tall figures were colourfully painted and looked an impressive site before they were set alight.

The festival of Dussehra celebrates the triumph of good over evil and is popular all across India. Dussehra tells the story of the Ramayana in which Lord Rama and his army rescue his wife, Sita, from the evil King Ravana.

Colourful effigies, the burning of such effigies, and the lighting of fireworks is something I think that everyone who has ever attended a bonfire on Guy Fawkes Night will completely understand. Setting fire to an effigy is one of the most satisfying fixes for a pyromaniac and doing it while fireworks burst in the air above makes the scene perfect!

Regardless of the culture, customs, or traditions around the world, there is always a common theme. Burning stuff and having a party is FUN! Setting off fireworks only seals the deal!

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