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The name Dum Bum is synonymous with loud noise, and lovers of louder fireworks will be very familiar with the brand, which is highly regarded for providing the very loudest fireworks legally allowed in the UK.

Klasek's Dum Bum range has many products available in other countries, which range from 'Crackling Dum Bum for Kids', right up to their 'Dum Bum Big', an F4 shell cake made up of 50mm tubes. In the UK, a much smaller assortment of Dum Bum products could be legally imported, however the UK distributor has recently announced that Dum Bum products will no longer be bought into the country.

Although many Dum Bum items are illegal in the UK, either because they are considered a nuisance, 'pocket money' firework, or because they exceed the upper noise limit of 120dB in this country, a select few fireworks, which did not exceed that volume, were successfully imported, and have been for over a decade. So why stop now?

Dum Bum's infamy was ultimately its best-selling point, but it has also proven to be the Dum Bums demise. With ever-increasing noise complaints, and such a reputation for being the loudest firework range available, it was perhaps only a matter of time until the fireworks started to attract the wrong kind of attention. In fact, Klasek's Dum Bum range has always been under close scrutiny. In 2014 Trading Standards tested early 30mm barrages, and a new rule was introduced which meant that salute cakes could not be sold unless they had a secondary effect. This is why we now see mine lifts complimenting reports.

Dum Bum products still available, of which we have a few, are perfectly legal and meet UK legislation, but it would seem that greater forces want to make importing the fireworks rather awkward, and that is a headache which has finally run its course.

If you love the Dum Bum range, then we advise stocking up on the fireworks whilst you still can! Only time will tell if the UK's void will be filled by other brands, meanwhile in other countries we are sure the brilliantly recognisable Dum Bum name will continue to flourish.

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