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The following video footage was sent to us by one of our customers; David Ireland. The video was shot in Blackpool during an Epic Fireworks display for his family and friends.

Filmed on a DJI PHANTOM 4 Drone, which in the world of helicopter drones is billed as DJI’s smartest flying camera ever. Quite the bold statement but given the quality of the footage, there is not much room for doubt.

Capturing the very essence of the fireworks, the footage is not in amongst the display so no chance of spoiling it for the spectators but gives a fantastic eagle-eyed view (or as it is clearly dark, perhaps a bat’s view!) of the display and the colours seem ever more vibrant.

The display was for family and friends and it is lovely to see the colours and effects of our products from a sky view over this iconic West Coast town.

Check it out:

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