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WHEN: FRIDAY 27TH JULY 2018 APPROX: 19:40PM – 20:30PM

Be amazed this summer with over 4,000 lighting up the night sky over Sapporo. The Doshin / Uhb fireworks festival, or the Toyohira River Fireworks Festival as it is sometimes known, is the most popular fireworks festival held in Hokkaido. Put in your diaries to make sure you certainly don’t miss this summer pyro action.

The venue for this fantastic evening is along the Toyohiragawa river between Horohirobashi and Minamioohashi. The event itself is steeped in history spanning over half a century and this year will mark the 63rd time the event has been held in Sapporo City. It is the only event that is held on the riverbank of the Toyohira river, so as you can imagine there are crowds of locals and tourists alike that flock along the riverbanks to witness this magnificent display.

Lasting 60 minutes long be you can be up close and personal to the display in the area between Minamo-Ohashi bridge or the Horohia bridge over the Toyohira river. Please note as this is the closest place to the launch site expect to be a little cramped and everyone is aware that this is the best spot to be in for the best views.

If you don’t want to be in the heart of the action there are a few little spots away from the launch site that will still give you perfect views of the display. Nakajima Park is within walking distance of the river, you can sit on some of the terraces in Hoheikan, or for a really different view and evening, there are rowing boats available to hire and take out on the water.

There are little or no shops around for food and drinks, so it is advised that you take anything you will need for the evening with you. With 1 million visitors at least, each year and the number growing year upon year it is advised that you arrive and get your spot as early as possible on the day. In the event of bad weather on the day the fireworks will be rescheduled to the following day.

The programme for the evening is as follows:

  • Part 1 – “Summer night fantasia” Launch star mine
  • Part 2 – “Art of Fire” Launch star mine
  • Part 3 – “Grande Finale” Widestar mine et al.

With over 4,000 rounds of fireworks been launched on the river. The show itself is split into three sections with small intervals in-between so that the air can clear from the smoke and give everyone the maximum viewing pleasure.

So, make sure that this summer you don your Yukata and join the crowds to witness the biggest and best pyrotechnical display on the Toyohiragawa river.

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