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Diwali Fireworks at Britomart, Auckland (New zealand)

Diwali Fireworks at Britomart, Auckland (New zealand)

Each year, Indian’s and in particular Hindu and Sikhs, celebrate Diwali (or deepavali) which means literally ‘row of lamps’.

The Festival of Lights signifies light’s triumph over darkness and good over evil. Legend has it that Lord Rama returned after being exiled for 12 years with his wife Sita and his brother Lakshmana but this is also alongside theories that it was also because of the celebration of Lakshmi, goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Celebrations today take place across the world and have continued for tens of hundreds of years and include the use of the small lamps called ‘Diyas’ which are means to light the way for loved ones to return home.

A very traditional and beautiful family orientated celebration in which they wear their finest clothing and exchange gifts (usually Indian sweets) like Gulab Jamun which are like small donuts soaked in rose water flavoured syrup or Barfi which is a super sweet Indian fudge made with condensed milk and sugar and added coconut, almonds or pistachio nuts.

Like with most Indian celebrations, there is always lots of food, colour, and religious reflection and most will visit their local temple to start the day off with a prayer. Over in New Zealand, they hold a two-day event in observance of Diwali to bring together people from a multitude of ethnicities to share in this beautiful celebration.

The people of Auckland really join in with the spirit of the event which includes live traditional music and dance, Dholi Drummers, and of course, there is food galore but the evening closes with fantastic fireworks to drive out evil spirits and allow the prosperity the chance to enter into our lives.

Happy Diwali from Epic

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