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Disneyland Celebrates Its Diamond Anniversary With Fun and Fireworks

Disneyland Celebrates Its Diamond Anniversary With Fun and Fireworks

WHAT: Disneyland Diamond Anniversary
WHEN: Friday 17th July 2015
FIREWORKS: You betcha :)

2015 marks 60 years of the vision of one man, Walt Disney’s creation, Disneyland in Anaheim, California and of course, this year will be packed to the rafters with events including the ‘Diamond’ theme.

The big ‘Summer Event’ will be on 17th July 2015 at the park. All the plans are falling into place as the Castle is currently hidden from view whilst a huge transformation takes place. Cinderella’s Castle will be adorned with Diamonds in accordance with the Anniversary celebrations.

They are also making several references in the press about an ‘upgraded’ fireworks show which, alongside the now ‘paint the night parade’ will refer to the 1.5 million LED lights featured in the new look parade and lights on some of the characters outfits.

Disneyland evokes everything that childhood should be about: Wonderment and love, just as the late Walt Disney envisaged all those years ago when he dreamed of a magical park filled with laughter and harking back to simpler times when you could walk the streets and leave your doors open. This was the main rationale behind the ‘Main Street’ which offers visitors the chance to visually imagine what the US was like in Victorian times.

We have previously highlighted the ‘Dreams Come True Fireworks and Parade’ which offers spectators the chance to see fireworks most nights during the Summer but only a couple of times a week at this time of year. The fireworks are absolutely beautiful and they use around 1000 pieces per show from smaller fountains to HUGE shells, many of which have been created to thrill and delight children and parents alike and the chief firer and his 7 technicians ensure that things always go to plan so we expect nothing less.

We will bring you all the news in the Summertime for the anniversary event and in the meantime, if you hear of anything of interest in the world of pyrotechnics, let us know.

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