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The Epic Fireworks DIRTY DOZEN are back in town!

For the last couple of years, customers have been asking about the original Dirty Dozen so we have brought this big BAD BOY pack for the 2018 season.

Packed with 12 enormous 1.3G rockets with huge sound effects, and the unique breaks of the stunning Puma, House Stark and Solar Flare to the stunning beauty of the brilliant Sky Thriller and Bang Tidy, these are a must for any display needing a WOW factor.

They each have an individual effect with a loud report and fill the sky with some of the best aerial action available in the industry. All twelve of these bad boys are half the manufacturers RRP and can be likened to a shell on a stick.

Check out the videos and each of these rockets are available as part of the brilliant Dirty Dozen pack or individually:

1 x Sky Thriller Rocket -
1 x King Rocket -
1 x Brocade Crown Rocket -
1 x House Stark Rocket -
1 x Eagle Rocket -
1 x Puma Rocket -
1 x Bang Tidy Rocket -
1 x Neon Rocket -
1 x Star Dust Rocket -
1 x Solar Flare Rocket -
1 x Heavy Metal Rocket -
1 x Phoenix Rocket -

Dirty Dozen Rocket Box

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