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Digital Firework Display

Digital Firework Display

The Digital Firework display that places you in control.

There has always been a certain fascination with fireworks which is growing into the digital age. Fireworks lend themselves brilliantly to virtual pyrotechnics thanks mainly to a fantastic but of clever web design.

The man behind the massive screens for the beautiful virtual firework display is Seb Lee-Delisle and it is called ‘pixel pyro’s’. It is a fabulous firework display that puts the user in complete control. The user simply touches the bright orbs of light to fire an array of multi-coloured rockets into the virtual night sky. Add lots of participants and you have a virtual sky filled with pyro.

The event is doing a tour of the UK with several dates.

• 18th October – Nottingham
• 2nd November – Brighton
• 17th November – Midlands (to be announced)
• 6th and 7th December – Festival of Lights in Huddersfield

If you do manage to get along, take some footage and we would love to see it.

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