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Diamond Jubilee Pack

Diamond Jubilee Firework Pack

When we sat down to design this pack, the first consideration was who it will appeal to.

Obviously, the theme would be red white and blue to celebrate Her Majesties sixty years as our sovereign. From the deep scarlet strobes of the Aerial atom to the bright cherry reds of the fabulous Cosmic Charge followed by the stunning effects of the Galaxian with its shades of blues and reds, the pack was put together to include a huge variety of effects. From pearls to huge dahlias, this pack has it all and is sure to impress all from eight to eighty.

Geared more towards a visual display than an ear splitter, the pack includes some lower noise pieces, perfect for the family, or displays of mixed adults and younger children.

Looking for a variety of fireworks, excellent value for money (as always), and something to impress, the new Diamond Jubilee pack, could be the perfect answer.

The finale on this pack is simply stunning, a guaranteed crowd pleaser. With the ease of use and safety in mind as always, all Epics D.I.Y firework kits come with, safety lighting devices called portfires which won’t blow out, a setup plan, safety goggles, rocket launch tubes and safety hints and tips.

Your firing order supplied free of charge will advise which fireworks to light in which order for the best visual spectacular.

For those able to collect from our Head Office (just 2 Mins from junction 36 of the M1) you will receive the added bonus of £149.95 worth of free rockets. We are confident that this will be more than enough to cover your fuel from most places in the UK and with Meadowhall shopping centre just 10 Mins away, why not make a day of it? We are open 7-days a week throughout the year and would be delighted to see you.

With the R.R.P value of this pack being a whopping £1066.25, at just £495.00 this has to be the best value dedicated fireworks kit in the UK.

We can, of course, put together any bespoke pack to your specifications and budget.

So, if you are looking for a display that is sure to make the crowd go wow … look no further – pop along to see us – we would be delighted to see you.

Furthermore, with fireworks starting from as little as 90p, we have a great range to meet any pocket.

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