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Designer Indian wedding fireworks a must have

Sivakasi’s fireworks factories are busy churning out crackers well after the Diwali festival, as their designer fireworks have become a big hit in North Indian weddings, keeping them in business around the year.

Demand for these colourful crackers is growing as they are increasingly being used in marriages, Tamil Nadu Fireworks and Manufacturers Association Secretary Abiruban said.

In North Indian marriages, crackers are burst during the marriage procession. With this, there has been an increase in the number of people using such items,” he told PTI.

Cashing in on the demand, especially in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Delhi, wholesalers and dealers in these states set aside stocks of these varieties in advance, he said.

Families in states like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan have been quick to latch on to the trend, he said.

Abiruban said designer fireworks are much costlier than normal ones. A single “multiple shot” piece, which explodes into various designs in the air, could cost Rs 600.

Red Heart Firework Effect

“In a normal firecracker, you may have 1000 units or 5000 or even 20,000 units, which, however, is not so with designer crackers. Each and every such cracker is made in a way that they perform better every time,” he said.

Association president Asaithambi said turnover from the 450 factories in Sivakasi in 2008 was Rs 1,500 crore.The industry had witnessed a five percent growth since 2008-09 and 10 percent after the introduction of designer crackers, he said.

The fireworks factories provide direct employment to 40,000 persons and indirect employment to around one lakh.

Delhi-based wedding planner Das Khurana said this trend was very popular among “landowners” and those from a rural background who believe in showing off.

Khurana said many people have become environmentally conscious and prefer using mild crackers. The procession to has witnessed a change with many preferring beautiful chariots nowadays, instead of a traditional horse ride, he said.

Designer crackers are also used when a wedding is solemnised, he said.

Fireworks have become more important at weddings all around the world. The perfect way to end a big day and a brilliant way to show off to the neighbours, a good fireworks display is essential.

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