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Deep Impact from Marvel Fireworks

Marvel Fireworks continue to impress us in 2010 with some excellent new releases that are showing the way forward in firework design. Who can forget such incredible barrages as Rogue Vipers, Tank Buster and the insane Devils Dungeon? That is not to mention some of our most popular rockets ever (ok we will mention them) like the unstoppable Tomahawk and its little brother the toma-less Hawk. Yes, Marvel has certainly delivered so far.

So what of the new range of Marvel Fireworks? Does it live up to the reputation that precedes it? Of course, it does!!

The Deep Impact is a big bore 50 shot fan barrage that fires out 5 at a time and gives a brilliant spread that will definitely give you something to Marvel at on your displays (see what we did there? Marvel? Get it? Never mind) Scheduled to arrive in store summertime 2010. Get your orders in now!

But enough prattling on, here's the review:

Marvel Fireworks, surely the most popular new firework brand in recent years has added another gem to its crown. Deep Impact is a brand new 50 shot large calibre monster of a barrage that has beautiful timing and exquisite effects.

Massive Golden Palms burst 5 at a time after rising through high reaching, strobing golden mines. These huge palms erupt in beautiful sequence and illuminate the sky with long-lasting arms as ruby-red dahlias dot the palms with colour. The ending is a great surprise of red and green crossettes that spread rapidly and split across the sky. This barrage really lives up to its name and is already on our must-have list for this year.

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