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Deathstar Fireworks by Colin Furze

Deathstar Fireworks by Colin Furze

Our good friend Colin Furze, madman, inventor and all round classified lunatic, is absolutely smashing youtube to bits.

To celebrate the 3 MILLION subscribers milestone - His plans to thank all the people who have supported him and subscribed to his amazing YouTube channel - Colin decided to build the FIREWORK DEATHSTAR.

#ColinFurze #EpicFireworks #3Million

Check out the 3 million subscriber firework preparation video: He has created a frame to which the firework barrages are readily supported on the dome and then secured into place with the tie wraps. The contraption will then be hoisted up high in the sky and the fireworks lit. #ColinFurze #EpicFireworks #3Million

Can't wait for the 4 MILLION :)

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