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Cute Baby Watching Fireworks

Cute Baby Watching Fireworks

Everybody has to have a first experience with fireworks. This little lad is enjoying the 4th of July fireworks and his face tells us how much he loves it.

Some children react well to fireworks, others don't. This lucky boy has just had his first taste of the best addiction there is. Addiction to Pyro!

Every time we go to a fireworks display or shoot off fireworks in the back garden we are trying to recreate the feeling of wonder and amazement that this child has just felt. We are constantly seeking the intense and almost spiritual awe that fireworks provide so well. Whether watching a tiny fountain sputtering in the back garden or a massive aerial shell erupting with a kilometre widespread, it doesn't matter. The important thing is the experience and the wonder it provides.

This video is also a great example of how photographing or filming fireworks can be as much about capturing the mood and emotion of the audience as it is about the display in the sky.

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