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Crescendo by Epic Fireworks, new for 2010

Epic Fireworks new range for 2010 just keeps getting bigger and better. This latest release is another to ensure we have plenty long duration fireworks to keep your party banging all night long.

Crescendo has 105 shots of brilliant mixed effects and beautiful comet tails that spin and crackle as they rise into the night sky. Of course, the video we have for you here is not quite a night sky, it was a bit early in the evening when we tested this one in China, but we feel that its good enough to give you an idea of what the Crescendo will do.

Heres the review:

Epic Fireworks presents the Crescendo, 105 shots of brilliant loud bangs and crackles, accompanied by beautiful violet and blue mines with silver strobing stars. Crackling comet tails rise into large multicoloured chrysanthemums with green, red and silver stars and clouds of crackling gold. With a whopping duration of almost 1 minute 15 seconds, this is a fantastic single ignition barrage with a steady and busy performance throughout.

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