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Conspiracy Pack with Video Talk Through

Conspiracy Pack with Video Talk Through

Conspiracy D.I.Y Firework Kit

The Conspiracy Pack from Epic Fireworks. The best value fireworks deals in the UK with the highest quality absolutely 100% guaranteed.

We love our fireworks here at Epic Fireworks. That is why we spend countless hours lighting fireworks (it's a tough job but someone has to do it), testing and recording them so we can bring you the absolute best in way of quality, value and entertainment.

In our firework display kits you will only find the best quality fireworks and in the Conspiracy Pack, each firework is a 1.3G classification, again guaranteeing you have the best fireworks available in the UK.

This Conspiracy DIY firework kit contains some excellent fireworks including the classic, "Wild Horses", 100 shot finale barrage from Epic Fireworks. Also featured here is the stunning "Open Fire" 33 shot barrage from Brothers Pyrotechnics.

Below is a video of a handsome Scottish salesman talking us through the contents of the Conspiracy and what you get for your money. Enjoy.

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