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Competition Winner Collects her Stash

We know it is a bit delayed but here are the photos from when lucky competition winner Carol and her pyro-mad husband Brian came down to Epic Fireworks to collect their mountain of free fireworks.

When asked how she felt Carol replied “it feels brilliant”

When Brian was asked how he felt he stuttered “fireworks….free fireworks…loads of free fireworks” while attempting not to drool at the massive pile of fireworks which lay before him. Careful Brian, don’t get those fuses wet!

We were left with the feeling that this lovely couple from the East Coast of Scotland were going to have a brilliant time setting off their hand selected fireworks display.

With sandwiches and coffee (no champagne, Brian had to drive home again) and laughter all round we all posed for some photos around the giant trolley load of fireworks.

Handsome Scottish salesman Graeme was on hand as always to offer free advice on how best to set off the fireworks. He said, “I would use a lighter of some description”, helpful advice indeed. Just kidding of course, portfires and safety goggles are always supplied as standard at Epic Fireworks.

Brian was heard to say “Epic Fireworks are by far and away the best fireworks that I have ever had and I would heartily recommend them to anyone. They certainly leave the competition standing when it comes to performance, price and service. We drive down from Scotland at least twice a year to see the guys and it is always well worth the trip” – Citation needed.

Carol was thrilled to bits with her prize and you could have been too! It’s so easy to enter Epic Fireworks annual fireworks prize draw giveaway bonanza. Simply enter your details online at our website for your chance to win £4,000 worth of premium rate pyro!!!

We helped Brian to load his (and Carols) fireworks into his van, ready for the long drive home where we know he (and Carol) will have great fun setting them off.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who entered our free prize draw last year and we are sorry there can only be one winner. But what a lovely winner she was and we thank Carol and Brian for taking the time to come down and visit us and we look forward to seeing them again soon.

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