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Classical Music To Your Pyro

If I ever hear the 1812 overture as a backdrop to fireworks, I'll strangle someone. Not really, of course, but come on folks, we can do so much better. And stuff like "The Battle" from Gladiator is great, but to use it every year (Garstang, I'm looking at you) gets a touch samey! So here are four bang up to date YouTube that would provide a dramatic and different soundtrack to your pyro:

1. Set Fire to the Rain, Full Orchestra. The name is surely enough, but check it out:

2. Canon Rock for Twin Violins. Just because its ace, its classical, and it rocks. Start the first minute with fountains maybe:

3. Pirates of the Caribbean- "He's a Pirate". Many versions, all conjure up images of gunpowder, mayhem, swagger and adventure.

4. And finally, slightly different , a Japanese Techno Jazz version of Beethoven - lively , like-able, and catchy from the first time you hear it.

And there we go. Just don't , under any circumstances, use Katy Perry's "Firework." If you do that, you might as well get "clueless" tattooed on your forehead. If you insist on using Katy, use "I kissed a girl." Much better!

Oh, and if you must, people may well like this - but do it before it goes out of fashion- which must be soon, surely :)

More ideas here folks:

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