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Classic FM has announced that back by popular demand, after last year’s huge success, they will be dedicating another two ‘Special’ shows for your pets.

We here at Epic are all animal lovers and were happy to hear about them repeating the show they did around the same time last year. We are all aware that without a little consideration fireworks can be distressing to pets, so the Classic FM in association with the R.S.P.C.A has taken the steps to put together a chilled out show for Rover, presented by ex-BBC Breakfast presenter Bill Turnbull.

Especially put together to drown out any loud bangs and hopefully chilling out the animals, “Pets Sounds” as the program is known will air at 7pm on the 2nd of November then again at 7pm on Tuesday the 5th. The shows will feature calming sounds including dog and cat related tracks.

When asked if this worked last year, Bill, who has 3 Labradors, seemed to think that it did, and whilst pretty pooches Nina (12), Bonnie (9) & Lola (just 1-year-old) declined to comment, they did enjoy the show and seemed pretty relaxed throughout. The Broadcast lasts for around two hours and should hopefully drown out the worst of the noise.

I expect the show to feature tracks by Beethoven, (after the film of the same name) Pooch(ini) and Bark (Bach).

If you can come up with some more pet-related composers, we might have missed please let us know, the worse the better!

If you have pets and would like to celebrate, please check out some of our quieter fireworks.

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