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Classic Benwell Fireworks Poster

Classic Benwell Fireworks Poster

Old Benwell Firework Poster

Benwell Fireworks was established in 1949 by Benjamin Weller who was said to be a toy manufacturer by trade. The company operated out of Draycott, Derbyshire until 1974 until they moved in 1988. The company was sold to a Chinese company which later became Black Cast Fireworks.

With spectacular names like ‘Spangle Mine’ which reminds me of sweets from the late 60’s and 70’s called Spangles or Old Fashioned Spangles (my favourite) ‘Flower Pot’ which reminds me of Bill and Ben and the flowerpot men and the fantastic ‘Crackling Cauldron’ they were the force behind fantastic fireworks available to the general public for many years.

In the poster, they have incorporated the Mum, Dad, and regulatory two children which of course were a boy and a girl signifying the ‘ideal’ family unit. Funny thing though, the little boy looks like an extra from the Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ video.

There are a few examples of Benwell memorabilia about but most of them nowadays are in private collections.

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