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Christmas 2012

merry christmas

What a year it has been here at Epic. We started the year with a trip to China, Paul got engaged and then married and the Bonfire season has been and gone – phew … But, it still has a few weeks to go yet.

Our minds are now turning to Christmas as many people are enjoying fireworks at their local Town/City Christmas Light turn on, we continue to gear up to the next rush for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Sometimes nowadays, we are all in such a rush that we forget that this should be a time for families and preparing to celebrate together.

I have always been and shall ever remain a last minute shopper. I don’t worry about it as one way or another, the shops are only closed for a day or two and our local Premier shop is always open for a couple of hours on Christmas day to get the forgotten cranberry sauce (which only really slips my mind because I don’t like it) or the flour for the Yorkshire puddings which all the family insist on having (despite there being a mountain of food already on the plate).

I am a fan of lists – one for everything I need for dinner on Christmas day and then a repeat of the event on Boxing day for my son and his family as they always visit his mother-in-law on Christmas day and he wants one with ‘his family’ too. So double up, 2 turkey, 2 pieces of pork etc and on …..

Then, my Christmas present list begins. I only list the names and if any of the family happens to have made a special request for something specific, this gets added but if not, you will get what you are given as my mother says. I then fly around the shops in Meadowhall (or Meadow-hell as the locals call it) and do a mad dash, ticking off the list as I go. I shop like a bloke – the first thing I come to I buy and if there are offers on at Boots, I’m in there!! Job done I go home to wrap them all and throw them under the tree.

I do wish I gave Christmas a little more thought but to be honest, I am terrible at accepting presents and would rather no-one bothered or just bought themselves something nice or gave the money to charity. Last year, I sponsored a tiger for my hubby (who loves them) and paid for a star for my son who has always loved astrology. The issue was though, said star can only be seen from the Southern Hemisphere so unless he plans to emigrate shortly, not much chance of seeing that then!!

On Christmas eve, I finish work and then make sure that all the veggies are peeled and ready for the off, Turkey stuffed, wrapped and ready to go and the pork scored and salted to make sure my crackling is good and crispy. Then, rub some pastry up, make mince pies, sausage rolls and a couple of quiche for tea on Christmas day and then settle back and have a glass of wine or three, have a nice hot bath and put my new PJ’s on (family tradition) before watching something totally soppy on TV.

In years gone by, when I lived with my parents and my brothers, we lived on the outskirts of a small town which was quite remote so if we didn't make sure we had everything, we were stuck. I remember one year, my mum had bought some gifts for my granddad (her father) and grumpy (my dad's father) but left them at work. Come the big day – no gifts to give so she took a couple off my uncles and re-labelled them. However, in the rush, she had not checked what the gifts were. Both my lovely grandfathers were bald and she had given them a hair tonic and grooming set!!

Christmas is still very special as my beautiful grand-daughter will be three this year and is, of course, a little chatterbox but she has so much already, we are really running out of things to buy for her.

If we all take a moment to remember this Christmas, spare a thought for a lonely neighbour. Last year, I invited my neighbour who lives alone to have dinner with us, that he thoroughly enjoyed and it was so lovely to see that despite his usual surly attitude he was a total gent all day and even dressed for the occasion in a clean shirt and jacket.

Celebrate with your family and have a safe and pleasant Christmas from all at Epic fireworks and don’t forget, we are open every day except Christmas, Boxing and New Years days if you should need anything.

Merry Christmas

From all the staff at Epic Fireworks :)

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