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Chinese New Year in London, where to see the fireworks

See the West End fizz into life at the fireworks display at Leicester Square, which takes place to celebrate Chinese New Year and the beginning of the Year of the Tiger.

Fizz, bang and pop
Part of a day of public celebrations for Chinese New Year, the fireworks display at Leicester Square aims to get the Year of the Tiger off to a flying start with a free pyrotechnics display. Fireworks are a traditional part of Chinese New celebrations, and the free display in the West End is bound to draw Londoners in their thousands.

Year of the Tiger
Although Chinese New Year actually falls on the 14th February for 2010, London will be officially celebrating the start of the Year of the Tiger the weekend after with a series of citywide public events. As well as the spectacular fireworks display at Leicester Square, there'll be lion dances and music in Trafalgar Square, celebrations in Chinatown and special menus in Chinese restaurants across London.

Grand finale
As with past years, the fireworks display at Leicester Square is the grand finale of a day-long celebration for Chinese New Year in London. There'll be parades and performances taking place throughout Central London, focusing on the area around Trafalgar Square and Chinatown.

Events for kids
The West End fireworks are bound to be a big hit with Londoners of all ages, but there's also a special programme of arts and crafts events taking place at museums and galleries across the city to entertain children too. Running throughout half term, there is mask and flag making workshops, tiger photo exhibitions and much more to see and do.

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