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Chinese New Year 2012 Year Of The Dragon

Chinese New Year Dragon

The key to the Dragon Personality is that Dragons are the free spirits of the Zodiac.

Conformity is a dragon's curse as they believe that it will extinguish the creative spark which is ready to flame into life. Dragons pursue freedom and uninhibited access to creativity. The Dragon is a beautiful creature which is both colourful and flamboyant with an extrovert personality which lends itself to being a bundle of energy, gifted and utterly irrepressible. The Dragon personality likes to do everything on a grand scale – big ideas, ornate gestures and highly ambitious.

Because those born in the year of the dragon are confident and fearless in the face of a challenge, they are almost inevitably successful and usually make it to the top.

The dragon personality can be left tired and unfulfilled if they are left feeling that they are not receiving the recognition that they deserve and will offer assistance to others readily but rarely take offers to help from others as they have such exacting standards that no-one is very likely to reach the realms required to do so. In addition, whilst they find it very easy to interact with others and attract friends without effort but really being very solitary people at heart, they have no need of close bonds with other than their partner.

In addition to the sign, there is also an element attached. In the case of the year 2012, this will be water. Water calms the Dragon’s fire. Water Dragons are able to see things from other points of view. They don’t have the need to always be right. Their decisions, if well-researched, are usually better since they allow other’s to become involved. Children born in this year they will be tolerant and yet very busy and creative.

What can we expect from the year of the dragon? There have been many ‘predictions’ over the centuries from the likes of the Mayans, Greek witches, Mother Shipton and Nostradamus that the world will end in 2012. It is more likely to be one of change and global warming and the effects of the financial crisis which appears to be around the world now.

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