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Chinese New Year 2012


At 15:40 on the 23rd of January a new moon rises in the China time zone, this marks the arrival of the Chinese New Year, this is the year of the Male Black Water Dragon.

The Dragon is one of the most powerful animals in the Chinese Zodiac, water dragons especially are believed to prevent disasters by fire.

Chinese Year calendars use the cycle of 60 Stem-Branch counting systems beginning with the wood rat and ending with the water pig, the Black Water Dragon is the 28th Stem-Branch in the cycle.

2012 is the 4709th year of the Chinese calendar.

If you are visiting Chinese friends for New Year it is respectful to take a small gift, taking an expensive gift may cause embarrassment for your friends as it is good manners for the host to give a gift of a greater value in return. The “Lai See” is one of the most common gifts given at this time. It is a red envelope with a crisp note inside, this is considered to be “lucky Money”.

Traditional gifts also include a bag of Oranges or tangerines with their stems intact, this bodes well for the givers and recipients, especially meaningful for Married couples as this signifies the promise of Children.

Avoid giving gifts in a set of four, as the word for four in Chinese means “death” also black or white gifts as these symbolise death.

Pears, clocks and sharp objects are considered bad luck. Chinese New Year celebrations are one of the most spectacular, colourful and noisy events in the world.

Fireworks being used for millennia to scare away evil spirits, so why not treat your Chinese friends this year to the best quality firecrackers/fireworks available all year round from our head office, remembering to pass the gift with both hands whilst saying “blessings of happiness and prosperity”.

Chinese New Year


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