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Chinese Ice Festival has unique use for Fireworks

Chinese Ice Festival has unique use for Fireworks

Even though China is well-known for its historical, cultural, and architectural heritage, tourists still get to enjoy the best of China even in winter. A number of tour operators in China organize winter tours for tourists who love experiencing the ice and snow festival which China celebrates. Harbin's Ice and Snow Festival is one of the greatest tourist attractions in northern China as the multicolored lanterns and snow carvings and sculptures are a major sight to see during a typical Ice festival in Harbin. Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang Province is a quiet village in the North of China, which is popular for celebrating the Ice and Snow Festival. Walking on the streets of Harbin gives you a warm feeling because people love talking about the chilliness of the city.
Attending the ice festival on its opening night is an event to remember because the explosion of the fireworks over the ice sculptures is a wonderful sight to see. An interesting thing about the fireworks in the ice festival is that unlike most fireworks that rise to a climax, the fireworks are displayed on the foreground with four flights of ice stairs leading to another ice stairs of about ten to twelve meters high serving as the centerpiece to the festival grounds. This creates a unique and spectacular fireworks effect that is very beautiful.

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