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Chinese Fireworks

Chinese Fireworks

The vast majority of fireworks made and distributed globally are produced in China.


Fireworks were discovered accidentally in ancient China in the 7th century and they have continued to captivate and delight thousands of people around the world ever since.

Fireworks in the UK fall into three main categories:

Garden Fireworks – generally speaking, these are for small gardens and tend to be low noise so they are great for small children and the elderly with a minimum safety distance of 5 metres.

Consumer Display Fireworks – these are for large gardens or community displays where a safety distance of 25 metres can be achieved and are the closest to a professional display that a responsible adult can light. Epic Fireworks offer all our display packs with full safety and set up instructions and safety goggles and lighters as standard.

Display Fireworks – these are ONLY for use by professionally trained technicians.

Epic has selected the best pyro in the UK and created 16 of the finest DIY firework kits to astonish you and at a fraction of the cost of a pro display. If you are holding an event, whether it's for you and the family or your local 5-a-side team, get in touch and we will support you every step of the way.

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