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China New Year Fireworks

China New Year Fireworks

As we take a look at the internet over the past few days, we find the whole world celebrated the year of the Sheep, Ram or Goat.

Over the 40 days of the holiday period over three billion journeys will be made as Chinese from around the globe travel home to be with their families at this important time.

As you can see everyone loves fireworks, especially the Chinese, the first video taken in Shanghai, shows how a typical oriental family would celebrate the new lunar year.

The next video filmed in Hong Kong (formerly a British Colony) gives us an idea of the scale of the festivities.

For those not able to make it home, over 8000 miles away in the U.S.A over the Hudson River, fireworks burst high in the sky welcoming the new lunar year.

And finally in the UK, pyrotechnics entertain the crowds gathered around the South Bank of the Thames in the SE1 area of London.

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