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Childish People...

Childish People...

What is it about fireworks that bring out the child in us? Is it the danger of playing with something that could injure us? Is it loud noises? It is the fire?

It amazes me sometimes when we work the fireworks stand to see full-grown people come in and get giddy about the prospects of fireworks. I delivered some to work the other day and brought a freebie to the guy who bought a lot of fireworks. It was a 36 shot artillery set and he got this big grin on his face and giggled a little bit when I gave it to him. I thought it was the prospect of getting something free, but after thinking about it, I think it was the kid in him thinking, "Man, those are gonna be fun to blow up!!"

I wish that we would have that same attitude about other things in life. Things like GOD, Family, Fun... If we could get childish about some of these things... not in childish like, "Mine!! Mine!! Mine!!, but childish that we can see the wonder in all the things around us. The wonders of a sunset, a rain shower, or a rainbow that GOD created. The fun of running around in the yard, playing in the mud, and sliding on the grass with the kids. The fun of jumping off the swings, the fun of blowing up fireworks, the fun of hanging with friends on a summer evening.

So be Childish sometimes, I think it is good for you...

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