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Cartoon Fireworks Through The Years

Cartoon Fireworks Through The Years

Fireworks have been sparking our imaginations for hundreds of years. Here is Epic Fireworks top 3 fireworks cartoons taken from movies, comic books and TV shows.

Fireworks always add a touch of colour and excitement wherever they are used and always bring a smile to the faces of those watching. Just like these popular heroes from through the ages.

The Seven Dwarfs are seen here on this pack of fire crackers that dates back to about the 1950's. Snow White is nowhere to be seen and judging from the redness of the noses of the dwarfs I would think that they have probably been on an all night drinking session indeed it looks like the dwarf with his hands in the air is still inebriated and possibly itching for a fight. By the looks of things the names of these dwarfs would be closer to "rowdy" and "surly" rather than "sleepy" or "sneezy".

Cartoon images were frequently used to sell fireworks and fire crackers for decades. It is only recently that we have seen a shift in the artwork on fireworks from its obvious aiming towards children (who are not even allowed to buy them) to a more mature style of artwork designed to appeal to a (slightly) older generation.

Wile E Coyote is, of course, a hero across the world. Most famous for his incredible inability to catch a bird that doesn't like to fly. How many times growing up did you hear those immortal words "meep meep" and see the Road Runner fly past, knowing then that it was only a matter of seconds until the poor Coyote blew himself up in an elaborate and messy way.

Wile E is a hero because of his die-hard determination. He doesn't give up despite what common sense might suggest. He fights on and fails and only tries harder. An inspiration to us all. I love the image above as you just know that as soon as the match touches that fuse something will go wrong for him. This snapshot of the cartoon captures Wile E Coyote in his brief moment of triumph before the inevitable failure and the obligatory holding aloft of a sign bearing the simple word, "Yikes".

And so to the present day.

Cartoons, like everything else must evolve and I think the three images we have here show this quite well. From the cutesy lovable faces of the 7 dwarfs who remind us of our younger days of childhood when innocent fun was all that existed. Then we grow up a little to enjoy the dangerous and self-destructive days of Wile E Coyote, who besides hurting himself numerous times in the process, taught us that determination and perseverance was its own reward. To, well to this...

The heaving boomed chaos that ensues when Jubilee (of X Men fame) launches pyrotechnics from her fingertips to explode and destroy all in sight. Jubilees special mutant power is the ability to create fireworks displays from sheer mental will.

In the space of 50 years cartoons have evolved quite a bit. One thing that has remained constant throughout is our love for colour and explosions and our fascination for pyrotechnics. Who knows what tomorrows cartoons will bring but one thing is certain. The fireworks will continue.

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