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Cannes International Fireworks Festival 2014

Cannes International Fireworks Festival 2014

WHAT: 'Cannes International Fireworks Festival 2014' also known as the 'Festival of Cannes Pyrotechnic Art'
WHERE: City of Cannes, France
VENUE: Bay of Cannes
WHEN: Wednesday 9th July, Monday 14th July, Monday 21st July, Tuesday 29th July, Thursday 7th August, Friday 15th August and Sunday 24th August 2014

2014 marks this year as a Champion of Champions event bringing together the previous winners to battle it out to become supreme champion and take away the Vestale d’or, one of the World’s most fiercely fought competitions.

The display teams competing have won either the ‘Vestale d’ argent’ and the ‘judges prize’ over the last three years.


Firework Group Baku - Azerbaijan

MONDAY 14TH JULY 2014 – 10:00PM
Morsani Pirotecnia - ITALY

MONDAY 21ST JULY 2014 – 10:00PM
Zaragozana Pirotecnia – SPAIN

TUESDAY 29TH JULY 2014 – 10:00PM
Vaccalluzzo Pirotecnia – ITALY

Pyragric - FRANCE

FRIDAY 15TH AUGUST 2014 – 10:00PM
Pyro Magic – HONG KONG

SUNDAY 24TH AUGUST 2014 – 10:00PM

The festival itself offers the option of ‘to paint or make war’ encouraging those who are the masters of this particular art form to use the sky as a canvas and let their creativity know no bounds in their attempts to ‘out fire’ the competition with a huge firework display to beat the others.

Some of the biggest names in the fireworks industry have displayed in Cannes over the years, including Flash Barrandov of the Czech Republic, Weco Feuerwerk from Germany, Parente Fireworks of Italy and the brilliant Kimbolton Fireworks from the UK.

The festival has been running since 1967 and the Bay of Cannes has been synonymous with every aspect of fireworks from colour and sound to technicality and novelty effects. The selected teams are tasked with presenting a 25-minute showcase of the best of all fireworks, new and old favourites whilst adhering to the strict formats including the size and power of the products they are permitted to use and ensuring their choreography is spot on. The shows will be set up on the barges anchored approximately 400 metres off shore and well spaced to ensure that the best and most sky filling spectacular will be seen by all spectators.

The firework displays starts at approximately 10.00pm, our advice is to get there as early as possible and avoid the mad rush, in the past, crowds of 200,000 (YES, two hundred thousand) people have attended. For those of you that fancy something different, might want to view the display from a boat, out at sea.

We would of course like to wish everyone the best of luck in the competition and we will of course bring you news of the winner in early September.

The teaser video below is from last years amazing competition.

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