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Cannes International Fireworks Festival 2013

Cannes International Fireworks Festival 2013


WHAT: Cannes International Fireworks Festival 2013
WHERE: City of Cannes, France
VENUE: Bay of Cannes
WHEN: March 2013, July 2013 and August 2013

The Cannes Firework Festival (also known as the Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique) is an annual fireworks competition which originally started in 1967.

The competition is held in the Bay of Cannes and consists of several different countries competing to win the firework competition.

The fireworks are lit from three barges anchored in the sea. The barges are around 350 metres from the shore and approximately 180 metres apart.

Each country chooses a theme and presents a 25 minute show which is synchronised to music.

The competition is judged and the winners of the competition are awarded with the Vestale d’argent. The judges make their decision on the theme, how well it is synchronised, originality, soundtrack, colours, set-up, flow of the fireworks, and the general feel of the show.

The schedule of events are as follows:

Portugal – Team Luso Pyrotecnia – Wednesday 6th March 2013 10.00pm

Azerbaidjan – Team Baku Fireworks Group – Thursday 4th July 2013 10.00pm

Italy – Team Vaccalluzzo Pyrotecnia – Sunday 14th July 2013 10.00pm

Italy – Team Vaccalluzzo Pyrotecnia – Sunday 21st July 2013 10.00pm

France – Team EFC Evenement – Monday 29th July 2013 10.00pm

Hong-Kong, China – Team Pyro Magic – Wednesday 7th August 2013 10.00pm

France – Team J Couturier Org – Saturday 24th August 2013 10.00pm

The event attracts up to 200,000 spectators every year. Therefore, there is competition for the best viewing points. We advise that you leave in good time to get a good viewing point.

Please see the map below for details of the best viewing points available. Further details can be found here.

Map of Cannes

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