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Cannes International Firework Festival 2015

Cannes International Firework Festival 2015

WHAT: Cannes International Firework Festival 2015
WHY: International Pyromusical Firework Competition
WHEN: 14th July 2015 - 24th August 2015
WHERE: The Croisette, Cannes, France

This annual event has been part of the firework calendar in its current format since 1998 and it continues to evoke amazement and wonder in the beholders as the best of the best of the pyro world take it to another level in this epic battle.

Firework specialists are acknowledged for their enchanting and truly captivating displays using a thousand-year old art form which requires a level of precision which can only be achieved by using the latest technology. Today’s computer programming allows the user to see the bursts and create the full 25 minute show in 3 dimensions on-screen before a single piece of pyro is decided upon.

In this classic pyro-musical battle 6 guest countries compete for the beautiful Silver Vestal de Argent before 200,000 spectators. There is also a people’s choice award, voted for by text message and the winner is awarded the ‘Prix du Public’.

The fireworks are fired from 3 big barges and 10 small pontoons 400m offshore. The firing sites are around 180m apart enabling the teams to fill even more sky but if they should need more room they are permitted an additional 10 ramps. The music and fireworks have to reflect one another in as much as the music beat and the cadence of the fireworks can match up perfectly if the music evokes an emotion that the pyro doesn’t pick up on, the team will lose valuable points so special care is taken to match the pyro and the musical choice.

Teams competing, the dates and themes are as follows:

Tuesday 14th July 2015
Baku Firework Group (Azerbaijan)
Fireworks at 10:00pm
Theme: Caspian Sea Diamond

Tuesday 21st July 2015
Surex (Poland)
Fireworks at 10:00pm
Theme: In the Heart of Cannes

Wednesday 29th July 2015
Intermede (France)
Fireworks at 10:00pm
Theme: Violence & Passion

Friday 7th August 2015
Pyrotex Fireworks (UK)
Fireworks at 10:00pm
Theme: Divas

Saturday 15th August 2015
Jupiter (Argentina)
Fireworks at 10:00pm
Theme: Nuances of Love

Monday 24th August 2015
Prestatech (France)
Fireworks at 10:00pm
Theme: To be announced

As you can see detailed above, Friday 7th August 2015 sees the UK show their skill in the hands of the amazing Pyrotex Fireworx. The display team were worthy winners of the title in 2012 and then returned last year for the Champion of Champions event which saw them lift the Gold Vestal de Argent for good measure. Fingers crossed they can bring home the silverware again, proving once and for all that the home-grown talent from the UK can take on the best in the World.

Good luck to all competitors and we will bring you details of the winner and the viewer’s choice as soon as they are available.

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