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Vancouver introduces short safety quiz for firework permits

Vancouver introduces short safety quiz for firework permits

VANCOUVER (CBC) - Fireworks retailers in Vancouver are worried millions of dollars worth of pyrotechnics may sit on the shelves this Halloween because of new regulations.

Adults who wish to buy fireworks in the city now need to complete a short safety quiz online to obtain a family fireworks permit.

The permits are easy to get on any computer connected to the internet. After reading the short safety notice, people can take a multiple-choice quiz as many times as they need to pass.

Once they pass the quiz, they can then print a permit, which they need to show to the retailer, along with two pieces of identification proving they are over the age of 19, when they buy fireworks.

Several retailers told CBC News they agree with the need for regulations but said almost nobody knows about the new permits.

Robert Laut of the Toyland Company predicts many people will likely not bother getting them once they find out.

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