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Fireworks On A Plane

Can I Carry Fireworks On A Plane?

Warning about taking fireworks on the plane!!

Over in the States it appears that there are a massive number of people who try to take fireworks with them when returning home for the 4th July celebrations to such an extent that they have to put out a Public Information Film reminding them that taking fireworks on an airplane (aeroplane) is illegal.

The Transport Security Administration takes steps annually to draw people’s attention to what they can and more importantly cannot take on board a plane.

Last year, the security staff at airports retrieved literally tonnes of fireworks across the States and this is despite of the numerous notifications both in the press, on TV and detailed around the airport. The rules say ‘All flammable and explosive materials, including fireworks, are prohibited at all times’. Fairly clear I would have thought!

July 4th is now only a couple of days away – stay safe and only buy your fireworks from an established retailer – there is an old adage, if it looks too good to be true it probably is!

Finally, if you are here in the UK and plan to have a few fireworks for Independence Day, we will be collating all deliveries to arrive before next Friday so if you need anything, please get your order in as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.


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