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British Fireworks Music Championship

British Fireworks Music Championship

Friday 9th Oct/ Saturday 10th Oct/ Sunday 11th Oct

This spectacular event lights up the Southport sky with the fantastic Marine Lake and Marine Way Bridge as a backdrop.

Seven Competitors, Three Nights, ONE CHAMPION. Watch seven contenders battle it out with eye-catching displays, choreographed to music - from classical to rock, there is something for all of the family.

Very Good Weeping Willow

Friday night fireworks

Dragonfire is the first to kick start the event and the team have chosen a theme of "A Night at the Movies" as the inspiration for their display for the Southport competition, promising a spectacle of "passion, drama, excitement and a touch of magic".

Axholme fireworks are next in line to try and wow the audience with their display, closing Fridays show let's hope they give a first night finale to remember.

Saturday Night Fireworks

Saturday night’s competition is opening with a display from A40 Fireworks, Closely followed by flashpoint fireworks who were recently crowned winners at the Eastnor Fireworks Championships.

And finally, Essex Pyrotechnics will be closing Saturday nights show and here’s to hoping it ends with a bang!!!!

Sunday night fireworks

The final night of fireworks is to be fired up by Star Fireworks, and after the previous two nights displays, I am sure they will be pulling out all the stops to make this a worthy display of their own.

Fantastic Fireworks will be the last to try and thrill and entertain the audience with their presentation, and being the final competitor to perform, I personally look forward to watching what the first winner of the British Fireworks Championship in 1997 have up their sleeves and if the best was saved till last?

Regardless of who wins I am sure that the weekend will be enjoyed by all who can make it and will be a real treat for all those with a passion for fireworks and music.

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