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British Firework Championships 2015

British Firework Championships 2015

WHAT: British Firework Championships 2015
WHEN: Tuesday 18th & Wednesday 19th August 2015
WHERE: Plymouth Hoe, Plymouth
TIME: Fireworks start at approximately 9:30PM on both nights

2015 marks the nineteenth British Firework Championships and the event continues to captivate young and old alike as the best of the best of British Pyro-technicians take each other on in one of the UK’s biggest and best competitions.

Plymouth Hoe hosts around 5,000 visitors for this magnificent showdown but the fireworks are only a part of the entertainment on offer as on both dates there will be aerobatics shows from the Red Arrows display team and from Twister Aerobatics as well as a number of other concessions for all the family.

Twister Aerobatics are known for filling the skies with light with their wing tip pyrotechnics and super bright LED’s along the fuselage and powerful spotlights which will illuminate the brightly coloured display smoke. You can of course just take a seat early in the evening and watch the pleasure boats coming and going in the Hoe.

The Winners of last year’s competition was won by Blitz Fireworks of Cheshire and having checked out the footage and asked those who attended, the finale caught everyone’s imagination with a percussive, incredibly loud display. Brilliant multi coloured criss-cross slices, fans and some of the biggest gold and silver willow shell bursts I have ever seen held the air for what seemed an eternity.

That said and the winner acknowledged, standout for me last year from an innovation point of view was the countdown at the start of the Northern Lights display which was simply stunning. The Blitz display seemed to have ten times the amount of pyro but the Northern Lights display was notably more colourful.

The display teams competing this year are as follows:

1st Galaxy Fireworks
Phoenix Fireworks
Gala Fireworks
Essex Pyrotechnics
Fantastic Fireworks

It is lovely to see some competition ‘regulars’ competing but the best of luck to Spyrotechnics and Gala taking part for the first time at this event.

Details of the event and how to book to stay in Plymouth (not forgetting that this is one of the warmest areas of the UK) are available via the tourist information site.

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