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Britain goes EPIC Fireworks MAD

Epic Fireworks - Front Magazine - Issue 148

Never like to blow our own trumpets, but this month we seem to be popping up everywhere.

#EpicFireworks - Front Magazine - Issue 148

The nice lads at FRONT Magazine decided to light a load of our fireworks and review them in their lovely magazine. After we all checked through the magazine thoroughly (we had to insist on a time limit of one hour for some) we found the review and it looks great.

Epic Fireworks King Rocket - Front Magazine - Issue 148

A big thank you to the guys at FRONT Magazine for showing off our shiny shiny fireworks, if they would like to send us any of their girls as a kind of exchange scheme we will be more than happy!

Epic Fireworks - Men's Health Magazine - November 2010

So while we sat there thumbing through our magazines, checking Men's Health Magazine to see if our handsome Scottish Salesman has been chosen as a cover model (he hasnt, sorry ladies), we stumbled across another lovely review of our very lovely fireworks.

#EpicFireworks - Men's Health Magazine

The Gents at MEN'S HEALTH MAGAZINE decided that they loved our fireworks and put them in their magazine as well. Cheers Guys.

Epic Fireworks - Men's Health Magazine - November 2010

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