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Brazil. Home to the Worlds Largest Christmas Tree.

Brazil. Home to the Worlds Largest Christmas Tree.

The stats:

  • 85m tall tree (that is 278 feet in old money!)
  • Weighing in at 542 tonnes
  • 3.1 million micro bulbs
  • 2150 strobe effects
  • 100 led light reflectors

This is the 19th year this huge tree has floated gracefully along the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon. The tree will be lit daily until the 6th January and is likely to attract more than 100,000 visitors every day to the Rodrigo de Freitas to watch the six-minute pyro-display.

Themed “Christmas Around The World” this is the first of three major events in Rio over the next month including the fireworks on the famous Copacabana Beach on New Years Eve. It is the latest of its kind and is officially certified by Guinness as a World Record holder. The theme is all about lighting up lives as symbolised by the sun, moon and stars.

Visiting the tree and the lighting up event has quickly become a tradition to the people of Rio alongside bringing in visitors from across the globe and the lighting ceremony has become the 3rd biggest event in Brazil after the New Years Eve celebrations and the carnival.

On unveiling this years decorations on the tree, there were fireworks filling the skies all around the 200,000 spectators during the display.

The tree is lit daily as darkness falls through until 6th January and it will be moved across the lagoon to allow as many people as possible the opportunity to see this fantastic spectacle.

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