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Bonfire Societies Events

Bonfire Societies Events

Just when you thought that it was safe to come outside again, two more of the Sussex Bonfire societies showed us how to do it right again on Saturday evening.

As we have featured before, the County of Sussex has a huge commitment to continuing the traditions set out even before Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators attempted to blow up the King and his supporters in Parliament. Going way back in history to 1555, the tradition of holding bonfires was done in recognition of the protestant martyrs killed during the reign of Mary Tudor.

Hawkhurst Gang Bonfire Night

Once again, there were the traditional torchlight Processions with Visiting Societies, Marching Bands, Bonfire and Firework Display. This is a small traditional village bonfire society orientated event which is great for those with lots of different concession stands and many are run by the societies themselves in an effort to raise funds:

• 6:15 – Fancy Dress Competition
• 7:00 – Children’s Procession
• 7:30 – Main Procession and Acts of Remembrance
• 8:45 – Grand Procession
• 9:15 – Firework Display

Northiam Bonfire Society

The event will start with a torchlight Procession through the town accompanied by other visiting societies and marching bands. The procession will be followed by a fabulous Bonfire and Firework Display. Once again, this is a small traditional village bonfire society orientated event so it is set up accordingly but once again, the procession may be a little frightening for small children.

• Procession begins at 7:30
• Bonfire lit at 8.30
• Fireworks at 9:00

Food and amusements were available on the playing field which is the site of the Bonfire and the fireworks.
If you did manage to get along, we would love to see your pictures or video as we simply love all things firework related.

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