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At it for weeks we were, gathering stuff to burn
Each of the neighbours’ gardens
Were all approached in turn
Old chairs and tables and branches and stuff
We had to keep it up for weeks till we had enough

All stacked up, against the tree
While we got the stuff that was free
Not built till the last minute with guy on top
In case any animals got in – it was going to be hot!

On the fifth we raced home from school
A journey that took half an hour as a rule
Suddenly our feet like wings, we ran all the way
You don't get Bonfire Night every day

On getting home, a list appeared
Not as bad as we first had feared
Wash some spuds, grate some cheese
Make sure its tidy if you please

Cook the stew till its piping hot
A couple of dumplings will hit the spot
Warm the chilli, mop the floor
Wait for what the night had in store

Mum arrives in a bit of a spin
Only dad to come and the fun will begin
The car pulls up and out jumps pops
Can't wait to see what he brought from the shops

A massive box of fireworks in the boot
My brothers began to shout and whoop
My aunt and uncle just arrived
So we all dash back inside

Not long now
The fire to light
This is going to be
A brilliant Bonfire Night

Some fountains first to start the show
Of course we know there’s loads to go
A Catherine wheel pinned to the tree
Dad lights and stands back for all to see

A helicopter is next to light
And lands near mum – gives her a fright
A rocket whizzes up into the air
It explodes in colours beyond compare

Jumpin Jacks, traffic lights and flying imps left us all impressed
But jack in a box and spitfire were by far the best
Reaching orbit with a piercing scream
Bonfire night is just a dream

Wailing, trailing comets with twinkling stars that fall
Flying fish and the greenest of bees
Chrysanthemums and crossettes, we had em all
A brilliant Bonfire Night was had by all.

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