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Bonfire Night 2012 Customer Pics

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As this year the fab fifth falls on a Monday it’s difficult to predict when our busiest time will be, last year the Fifth of November fell on a Saturday, just about everybody had their fun on the correct day.

Looking around the web, it seems most bonfire celebrations will be taking part as usual on the day the plot was foiled, but many of the bigger and well-known functions will be setting off the pyrotechnics the Saturday after on the 10th some opting to go a few days earlier on the 3rd of November. This is the case for one of the biggest, London who selected the former and will kick off on the 10th.

Boris Johnson will be starting the 30 minute display between Waterloo and Black Friar’s bridge, the fun starting off at 5 pm, with the Lord Mayors Parade the day before on the Friday.

Lewes Bonfire society will keep it traditional, their committee planning the annual spectacular on the Monday with the fantastic parades kicking off at 2pm, no wonder they are the most well-known and biggest celebration of all things connected to bonfire night.

Bonfire night in the UK is not down as a public holiday as Good Friday is, possibly the most obvious reason for this is that the fireworks look better after dark and traditionally most workers would have been able to enjoy the spectacle after work in the days before the big supermarket chains and American style shopping malls.

As the general pace of life becomes faster and supermarkets are now able to stay open for 24 hours, the retail malls around us, Meadowhall in Sheffield, White Rose in Leeds to mention just a couple, are now open until 10 pm most days some staying open even longer at the weekends, even the very local McDonald's just round the corner being a 24 hour outlet these days to cope with the demand, being ideally placed as we are just off Junction 36 off the M1, these obviously have to be staffed and we estimate 2-300 staff at Meadowhall alone would potentially miss out on seeing fireworks if the displays went ahead only on the fifth only, so a little leniency is a good thing, especially as it drops on this year that we will be able to attend at least two organised displays as well as our little thing we do, in the past almost shutting down the sleepy village of Batley, where we used to be based, regularly getting hundreds of impromptu spectators joining in our fun.

You can, of course, let fireworks off in the UK any day of the year between 7am and 11pm, the British possibly the most understanding Europeans when it comes to revellers wanting to let everybody know something special is happening.

Whenever you decide to do your stuff, one thing is certain we will be here all through the period with top quality pyro available all year round, as our regular customers know we only closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year’s Day (and the odd occasion such as this week’s nuptial celebrations, more news on that to follow).

We will, of course, be letting you all know shortly about our extended opening hours as we get ever closer to our busy season.

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