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Bo'Ness and Beyond, Fireworks and Homecoming

A CROWD of up to 10,000 is expected in Bo’ness on Sunday evening for a free Homecoming finale of music and fireworks.
It marks the pinnacle of a four-day Falkirk Council ‘To Bo’ness and Beyond’ festival with special films at the Hippodrome, all part of the national Homecoming Scotland 2009 finale.

However, Bo’ness Community Council is to complain over the timing of the foreshore fireworks – which with a 9.30pm start could put off families with young children.

Community council chairman Madelene Hunt, suggesting a 6.30pm start, said: “With school the next day, the time prohibits a lot of people going to see it, and a wee bit of consultation would have sorted that.”

Lesley O’Hare, Falkirk Council’s cultural services manager, said: “The Homecoming event in Bo’ness is the finale event for the entire Falkirk Council area and we are optimistic that we can attract up to 10,000 visitors.

Epic Fireworks are Fireworks Crazy

“The timing of the display has been planned to coincide with the ending of the Hippodrome screening to allow cinema-goers an opportunity to enjoy the film and then move down to the foreshore.

“The show should appeal to people of all ages and given its spectacular nature we’d hope parents can make some allowance for younger children to enjoy the performance.”

Lighting up the Bo’ness skyline will be thick columns of fire, shooting 30 feet into the air, against a backdrop of fireworks and lights launched from the east pier, with a 20-minute Scottish musical soundtrack.

Please do not bring fireworks, or sparklers, but do come with a torch. Young children should be accompanied by an adult at all times and pets left at home.

Free parking is available at Seaview, Register Street, Tesco and Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway car parks.

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