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Blue UFO captured on film watching fireworks

Yes, conclusive proof if ever it were needed that ET, aliens and little green men love fireworks, and why wouldn't they. If you had travelled millions of light years across the universe to discover new civilisations and lifeforms damn right you deserve to relax for a while and watch fireworks. Indeed many theorists (with a lot of time on their hands) reckon that it is the fireworks that draw them here.

“From the depths of space, the aliens can use their super-telescopes to focus in on what is happening on the surfaces of distant planets. Upon seeing the dramatic fireworks displays that we humans have most days of the year here on earth, the aliens are inspired to make a detour and pop in to see what all the colourful lights are about. Somewhat similar to us pulling off the motorway to stop at a McDonalds when we see their golden arches logo. Only last week a fleet of UFOs was spotted hovering above Cardiff in Wales. It was only when they have seen the petrol prices at a garage forecourt that they choose not to stop”

– Graeme Connelly, believer

Whatever it is in this video, it is an amusing way to spend a few minutes of your day. Enjoy!

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