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Blackpool World Firework Championships

Blackpool World Firework Championships

This Friday sees the skies over Blackpool once again lit by stunning pyrotechnics as the second round of this three round decider gets underway.

Feerie Fireworks of France are no strangers to the International pyro stage as last year they competed at Pyronale in Berlin and are previous winners of the Cannes International Festival of Pyrotechnic Art’s beautiful Golden Vestale.

As a child, Joel, the owner of Feerie lived close to the Ruggieri Factory in Paris and the years passed but his connection to the pyrotechnics never left him. As he reached his mid forties, he left the security of his role in industrial robotics and automated machine sales to pursue his need to vent his artistic side. From this point, Feerie was born and his knowledge and flair were passed onto his son and daughter who both joined the family firm and they have never looked back.

It’s all free entertainment for all the family and the chance to watch one of the World’s best display specialists painting the skies over the West Coast.

The event starts at 7.30pm and they are expecting to fire from 8.00pm but there is plenty to do and see along the Promenade at Blackpool to keep the children occupied while you wait and local Radio Station ROCK FM will be there to entertain everyone during the build up.

We will once again bring you the low-down on the displays after the weekend but if you take any pictures or videos yourselves, please send them to us and we will get them on our FB page or feature them on the blog.

Have a great weekend and good luck to Feerie and we hope the weather holds off as we know it can be particularly punishing off the Irish Sea.

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