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Blackpool International Fireworks Competition. Round 2.

Blackpool International Fireworks Competition. Round 2.

The fireworks competition gathered pace as the second team from Vulcan Fireworks, China, fired last night. The Chinese, who are acknowledged as the forerunners of firework production over hundreds of years are no stranger to public displays of their expertise, naturally put on a magnificent show accompanied by a wide diversity of music from Two Tribes by Frankie Goes to Hollywood to Queen’s ‘Somebody to Love’.

The fireworks were HUGE with some brilliant shell breaks. Some of the most eye-catching was a huge shell break which went from green stars to a gold peony with red prongs and bright star tips and some of their groundwork was nothing short of spectacular but there were some dark sky moments, whether intentional or otherwise, I am unsure but personally, I think that the Irish offering was a little more choreographically matched to the music.

It isn’t over just yet of course as this competition has another competitor to fire next week 20th September from France, Focus Pyro who competed in 2009 in some of the worst weather imaginable. Let’s hope for everyone’s sake that the weather conditions are favourable next Friday for them. The final weekend on 27th September will be an ‘exhibition only’ display from the UK’s Titanium Fireworks.

If you do get the chance to go along, you could also take advantage of the Blackpool Illuminations, which have been a prime feature of this beautiful West coast resort since 1879. The ‘lights’ attract around 3.5 million people a year to see them. The lights stretch all the way from Starr Gate in the North of the town to Bispham in the South, a distance of almost 6 miles. The best way to see the lights is from a tram or open-topped coach, but be warned, Blackpool can be one of the UK’s coldest and wettest places around in early Autumn. The lights will be on nightly until 10th November 2013.

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