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Blackpool International Fireworks Championships 2013

Blackpool International Fireworks Championships 2013

Blackpool fireworks competition

The skies above Blackpool will once again be lit by more than just the Illuminations as they host the International Fireworks Championships competition. Last year’s event was sadly massively impacted by high winds and driving rain and I have to say some pretty lousy weather conditions. Clients of Epic Fireworks who made their way over to enjoy the competition were naturally very disappointed not to get to see some of the finest pyros in the World.

This year, the weather may still impact on proceedings but of course, we all have our fingers crossed that the weather gods are actually on the side of the righteous.

Teams for this competition come from Ireland, China and France and non-competing but fabulous nevertheless, Titanium Fireworks will be hosting a display on the final awards evening.

As the finest in the World come together, we hope for great things as we know the passion felt by the Irish and of course, China being the home of fireworks will, of course, add that little bit more to the proceedings.

The running order is as follows:

• 6 September 2013 – Ireland – Rocket Fireworks
• 13 September 2013 – China – Vulcan Fireworks
• 20 September 2013 – France – Focus Pyro
• 27 September 2013 – exhibition only - UK’s Titanium Fireworks

The competition is a pyro musical which has the fireworks choreographed to musical accompaniment. The displays have to be 14-15 minutes in duration.

Blackpool, on the West coast of the UK, is also known as mentioned for its marvellous illuminations and being ‘up North’ the locals are really friendly with a massively diverse amount of entertainment on offer. From the ‘girls’ at the fantastic Funny Girls to a HUGE beer festival at the Continental lasting 4 days from 19th September, Blackpool has something to offer everyone.

You also have a huge range of accommodation available to meet even the tightest of budgets where you can stay in the height of luxury at the gorgeous Number one on Blackpool’s South Beach to any one of the hundreds of Bed and Breakfast establishments costing from £20.00 for the most basic of facilities to a decent place for around £135.00 for 3-days bed and breakfast for two people to make a weekend of it.

Due to the huge array of things to entertain everyone from young children to the elderly, this is one of those places that even if you are not a fan of fireworks, it still enables those who do the opportunity to see, completely free of charge, displays from the best display teams in the World today whilst the rest of the family enjoy the other entertainment on offer.

If you should manage to get along, we would love to see some photographs or video footage.

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